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Last updated: January 8, 2004.

FluidGUI is a graphical front-end for the FluidSynth software synthesizer.   FluidGUI is free, developed under the GNU GPL, and written/maintained by Ken Ellinwood.

FluidGUI makes using FluidSynth easier to use by exposing common operations in a graphical user interface.   Experiment with various settings, sound fonts, and presets without typing a single command!   Persist the configuration to a file and save the trouble of having to reconfigure the synth next time.


FluidGUI requires that you install (or have installed) Java version 1.4 or better.   The Java run-time software is available for no-charge from Sun Microsystems.

FluidGUI currently only works on Linux due to limitations in the Windows and Mac versions of FluidSynth.

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Manage settings
Manage sound fonts and channel assignments
Virtual keyboard


Version 0.8.3 - released June 18, 2004

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